Race Info

When: Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Where: Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA

Format: The 2014 edition of StarCrossed will be a non-sanctioned race for all categories.   The race will continue under the lights for 2014 at Marymoor Park.

Registration: Registration opens on 7/21/14 on Bikereg.com. This event is PreRegistration only. Registration closes on Wednesday, September 10th at 11:45 pm. No day of race registration.

Elite Men & Women: This is a non-sanctioned event with a large cash purse.   No domestic or international licenses are required.

Fees: Racers – $25 race fee and free gate entry; Spectators – $5 gate fee

Results:  Results will be posted real-time at Turboreg.net

Timing and bib numbers:   All racers will be issued a StarCrossed-specific bib number.   If you have a timing chip from MFG Cyclocross, that is the chip you are REQUIRED to use.   If you forget your chip and need to be re-issued a new chip, the cost will be $5.  If you’ve never been issued a chip, you will receive a chip at StarCrossed.   If you do not intend to race in WA again, please return your chip after the race.

Start Position:

Non-Elite:  Row 1 and Row 2 will be based on 2014 MFG Cyclocross #1 results.  All other rows will be randomized.

Elite:  Start order will be based EXCLUSIVELY on promoter discretion.

 2014 Rae Schedule: 

Start Time  Category  Duration
12:30 JR BOYS 15-16 (All ages and genders scored separately)
JR BOYS 13-14
JR BOYS 10-12
JR GIRLS 15-16
JR GIRLS 13-14
JR GIRLS 10-12
30 mins
1:15 Cat 3/4 Master Men 55+
Cat 4 Master Men 45+
Cat 4 Women
35 mins
2:10 Cat 4 Men
Cat 4 Master Men 35+
35 mins
3:00 Cat 3 Master Men 35+
Cat 3 Master Men 45+
45 mins
4:00 Master Women 35+
Master Women 45+
Singlespeed Women
Cat 3 Women
40 mins
5:00 Cat 3 Men
Nuun Hydration Singlespeed Men
45 mins
6:00 Cat 1/2 Men 35+
Cat 1/2 Men 45+
Cat 1/2 Men 55+
45 mins
7:00 Elite Women (non-UCI) 40 mins
8:00 Elite Men (non-UCI) 60 mins

Prize List:

Race  Place  Payout
Elite Women & Men 1st $2500* USD
Elite Women & Men 2nd $1000 USD
Elite Women & Men 3rd $750 USD
Elite Women & Men 4th $500 USD
Elite Women & Men 5th $250 USD

*this payout is higher than a UCI C1 requirement.

Team Area:

Spots in the Team Area for pop-up tents, trailers and vehicles must be purchased on BikeReg.com. Teams will be placed in pre-assigned locations based upon purchase date of their spot. Teams/Individuals who do not purchase spots will not be allow to set up tents in the Team Area or anywhere else in the venue or parking lot. Spots on the course line will be assigned in order of purchase. Trailer/Vehicle spots will be on the third row east of the course line. Fees for tents are in place to cover the required permits and inspections from the King County Fire Marshal. Tents will be removed that do not adhere to this requirement.

Course Map: Review Here

Technical Guide: Read Here

Driving Directions:

From I-5 or I-405: Take SR-520 East to Redmond, WA, exit at WEST Lake Sammamish Parkway. Turn right at the first stop light, and left at the second light into the park. Turn left at the 4th stop sign into the Velodrome parking lot.